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Heart Break Club CHAPTER LIST
  • Heart Break Club

    Alternative : Seishun Shonbori Club, Melancholic Sentimentalism of Youth, Клуб разбитых сердец, 青春しょんぼりクラブ
  • Author(s) : Nikki Asada,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-12-2019 16:04:58 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • View : 274,230
  • Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life, Shoujo,
  • Rating :
  •   atozmanga.com rate : 4.59/ 5 - 17 votes

Heart Break Club manga summary:

Momosato only dreams to live a normal high school girl life. Which means, find perfect love with another high schooler.
But poor Momosato seems to be victim of a curse : each time she finds love, that one will find it too but with another girl. That's why her comrades consider her as their Cupidon against her own will.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.15 LAST STEP 1,931 Jun-12-19
Vol.15 72nd STEP 1,001 Jun-12-19
Vol.15 71st STEP 1,049 Jun-12-19
Vol.15 70th STEP 807 Jun-12-19
Vol.15 69th STEP 815 Jun-12-19
Vol.14 68th STEP 990 Jun-12-19
Vol.14 67th STEP 861 Jun-12-19
Vol.14 66th STEP 864 Jun-12-19
Vol.14 65th STEP 809 Jun-12-19
Vol.14 64th STEP 840 Jun-12-19
Vol.13 SPECIAL SHORT 782 Jun-12-19
Vol.13 63rd STEP 828 Jun-12-19
Vol.13 62nd STEP 850 Jun-12-19
Vol.13 61st STEP 827 Jun-12-19
Vol.13 60th STEP 895 Jun-12-19
Vol.13 59th STEP 914 Jun-12-19
Vol.12 SPECIAL SHORT 1,715 Jun-11-19
Vol.12 58th STEP 1,441 Jun-11-19
Vol.12 57th STEP 1,396 Jun-11-19
Vol.12 56th STEP 1,075 Jun-11-19
Vol.12 55th STEP 1,107 Jun-11-19
Vol.12 54th STEP 1,161 Jun-11-19
Vol.11 53Th Step 6,739 Jan-12-19
Vol.11 52Th Step 3,289 Jan-12-19
Vol.11 51Th Step 3,228 Jan-12-19
Vol.11 50Th Step 3,122 Jan-12-19
Vol.11 49Th Step 3,004 Jan-12-19
Vol.10 48Th Step 2,986 Jan-12-19
Vol.10 47Th Step 2,909 Jan-12-19
Vol.10 46Th Step 2,975 Jan-12-19
Vol.10 45Th Step 2,919 Jan-12-19
Vol.10 44Th Step 2,956 Jan-12-19
Vol.9 43Th Step 4,480 Jan-12-19
Vol.9 42Th Step 2,991 Jan-12-19
Vol.9 41Th Step 2,944 Jan-12-19
Vol.9 40Th Step 2,953 Jan-12-19
Vol.9 39Th Step 3,019 Jan-12-19
Vol.8 38Th Step 3,072 Jan-12-19
Vol.8 37Th Step 3,034 Jan-12-19
Vol.8 36Th Step 4,538 Jan-12-19
Vol.8 35Th Step 3,071 Jan-12-19
Vol.8 34Th Step 3,079 Jan-12-19
Vol.7 Extra Step 4,483 Jan-12-19
Vol.7 33Th Step 3,203 Jan-12-19
Vol.7 32Th Step 3,114 Jan-12-19
Vol.7 31Th Step 3,167 Jan-12-19
Vol.7 30Th Step 3,138 Jan-12-19
Vol.6 Extra Step 3,057 Jan-12-19
Vol.6 29Th Step 3,131 Jan-12-19
Vol.6 28Th Step 3,059 Jan-12-19
Vol.6 27Th Step 4,764 Jan-12-19
Vol.6 26Th Step 3,294 Jan-12-19
Vol.5 25Th Step 4,138 Jan-12-19
Vol.5 24Th Step 3,241 Jan-12-19
Vol.5 23Rd Step 3,294 Jan-12-19
Vol.5 22Nd Step 3,329 Jan-12-19
Vol.5 21St Step 3,319 Jan-12-19
Vol.4 20Th Step 3,384 Jan-12-19
Vol.4 19Th Step 4,045 Jan-12-19
Vol.4 18Th Step 3,436 Jan-12-19
Vol.4 17Th Step 3,577 Jan-12-19
Vol.4 16Th Step 3,581 Jan-12-19
Vol.3 15Th Step 3,606 Jan-12-19
Vol.3 14Th Step 3,679 Jan-12-19
Vol.3 13Th Step 3,657 Jan-12-19
Vol.3 12Th Step 3,878 Jan-12-19
Vol.3 11Th Step 5,353 Jan-12-19
Vol.2 10Th Step 4,155 Jan-12-19
Vol.2 9Th Step 4,194 Jan-12-19
Vol.2 8Th Step 4,131 Jan-12-19
Vol.2 7Th Step 4,212 Jan-12-19
Vol.2 6Th Step 4,203 Jan-12-19
Vol.1 Extra Melancholy 6,125 Jan-11-19
Vol.1 5Th Step 5,510 Jan-11-19
Vol.1 4Th Step 4,915 Jan-11-19
Vol.1 3Rd Step 5,218 Jan-11-19
Vol.1 2Nd Step 5,788 Jan-11-19
Vol.1 1St Step 7,575 Jan-11-19
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