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Raid manga summary:

Around 50 years ago, after the Korean War, Demon World Gates appeared abruptly all over the world.
Through the Gates, Demon creatures appeared. These otherworldly beings, utterly impervious to modern weaponry, rained destruction across the world.
Just when all hope for humanity was lost, the "Masters" awakened: humanity's one chance for salvation.
With the appearance of these entities, the world began to change rapidly.

Fast forward to 50 years later-
We meet Gang Kyu Sung, who had worked for a small company as a deputy who could never catch a lucky break nor even got promoted.
That is, until he happens to awaken as a Master...?

A Rank 5 Master who had once been ignored and scorned-
Thus begins the uprising of a man who works his way up from the bottom!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 24: Leader 3 46,982 Feb-27-19
Chapter 23: Leader 2 51,974 Feb-21-19
Chapter 22: Leader 1 44,367 Feb-21-19
Chapter 21: Complex 2 71,320 Feb-04-19
Chapter 20: Complex 1 63,320 Jan-30-19
Chapter 16: Forgotten Memory 45,750 Jan-29-19
Chapter 15: Provocation 54,081 Jan-27-19
Chapter 14: Family Rights 52,351 Jan-26-19
Chapter 13: The Only Victory 54,565 Jan-25-19
Chapter 12: The Tank's Fate 53,553 Jan-24-19
Chapter 8: Master War 58,348 Jan-20-19
Chapter 7: A Stepping Stone 56,388 Jan-19-19
Chapter 5: Yeouido Raid 59,026 Jan-17-19
Chapter 3: Fame 63,981 Jan-15-19
Chapter 2: Special Ability 126,973 Jan-13-19
Chapter 0: Prologue 66,097 Jan-13-19
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