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  • Panlong

    Alternative : 盘龙 (Chinese); Coiling Dragon; Crouching Dragon (English); Bàn Long (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV)
  • Author(s) : I Eat Tomatoes,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb-11-2019 07:41:51 AM
  • TransGroup :
  • View : 13,378,501
  • Genres : Action, Adult, Adventure, Fantasy, Manhua, Shounen, Supernatural,
  • Rating :
  •   atozmanga.com rate : 4.69/ 5 - 584 votes

Panlong manga summary:

Empires fall and rise on the Yulan Continent. Immortal beings of unimaginable power, Saints, conflict using swords and charms, making swathes of destruction in their own wake. Magic creatures rule the mountains, where the courageous - or the silly - go to try their strength. The powerful live like royalty; another day, the poor strive to endure. Raised in the tiny town of Wushan, Linley is a scion of the Baruch family, the family of the once-celebrated Dragonblood Warriors. The family has become decrepit that the heirlooms of the family happen to be sold off, although the world shook. Tasked with recovering the lost glory of his family, Linley will undergo innumerable trials and tribulations, making mortal foes but also strong buddies. Come see a fresh legend in the making. Posted in Bakatsuki

panlong manga
Linley is one day become the best and an incredibly concentrated person constantly striving to improve himself. It's proven again and again to be his most powerful characteristic when even as a Highgod he nevertheless decide to meditate over spending his time together with his family and friends, and train. Nevertheless, allow it to be understood Linley adores friends and his family members . The truth is, his dream is far exceeded by his love as he was not unwilling to give his most powerful & most powerful Divine Clones for the opportunity to restore his family

Around principal character in Panlong Manga

Linley Baruch was born to the falling Baruch Clan to the Yulan Plane. As a youth his dad instructs him the history in their clan that is dragonblood and gets the Coiling Dragon Ring which had the nature of Doehring Cowart.

Doehring Cowart instructs the only chisel sculpting technique which will improve his development speed along with him world component charms. The Ernst Institute was attended by Linley and while in school he'd meet with his future wife Delia. In the time Linley formed a connection using a girl named Alice who attended another institute and instead wasn't involved with Delia.

After he founded the Baruch Duchy Delia and he got married.

After clearing the eleventh floor all by himself and having entered the Necropolis of the Gods, Linley managed to get three Divine Sparks along with numerous weapons and Divine Artifacts.

After having trained for another five plus a half years, Linley eventually was able to get to the Deity degree and created a Wind-design Demigod Divine Spark. Then he let a Divine Clone to be formed together with the Spark himself outside of his body rather than fusing. This clone enter his soulspace and may subsequently unite with his first body.

Then he decided he wished to continue train in other Profound Laws and allow Earth- his second Divine Clone is created by design Demigod Divine Spark.

They were transported to the Nightblaze Prefecture of the Redbud Continent once they arrived in the Infernal Realm. After training for some time, Linley was able to breakthrough to the Full God degree along with his Earth Divine Clone.

Delia Linley and Bebe made a decision to remain in the mountain rnge where the assignment was stopped and trained following the escort assignment neglected. Following annually of training, Linley created his Fire Divine Clone and eventually was able to breakthrough in the Profound Laws of Fire.

After arrived in the Indigo Prefecture of his group, Linley and the Bloodridge Continent immediately made their way towards the Skyrite Mountains, the final home of the Four Divine Beast Clan, the origins of the Baruch Clan of Linley.

Characters in Panlong

After his long journey that is centuries, Linley was eventually in a position to meet with the Ancestor's in the outermost boundary of the Skyrite Mountains of his Baruch Clan. Linley eventually could make his Divine Fire Clone reach the degree of a complete God while residing at the Yulan Branch of the Redding Clan after having trained for another sixty years.

After finishing the Ancestral Baptism of the Redding Clan, Linley immediately hit a Water-design Demigod Divine Clone along with the innate skill Dragon Roar.

Linley was given the status of Elder by the Patriarch of the Redding Clan after showing his power to be on level having a Seven Star Fiend. Linley became the 36th Elder of the Assembly of Elders and the youngest.

While he and Delia were on a vacation in Meer City, Delia told him to which Linley chose to stay there for a while that she was pregnant. Inside that city, Wade Baruch, their third child and second son, was born.

A hundred years after Linley had become an Earth Highgod, Beirut met his promise and gave Linley Mirage, the finished Godspark sword.

Linley and his group finally returned to the Yulan Plane after having been for over 2000 years in the Infernal Realm.

After learning from Beirut that there's a possibility of returning the passing whose soul was not ruined by going to the Netherworld, Bebe and Linley set off on their way to the Nether Realm. Linley unexpectedly got an insight into the Profound Laws of Water and became a Water Highgod while viewing a fight in the base of the the Abyssal Mountain in the Netherworld.

He was given the choice of participating in the Planar Wars and kill opposing commanders. In doing thus, the Chief Sovereign of Death would allow him his wish of returning back his nearest and dearest to the planet of the living.

During his involvement ath Linley's Wind Divine Clone was able to breakthrough to the Highgod amount, the Planar Wars, resulting in Linley having 3 Highgod Divine Clones

Linley had been for 34 years in a coma after he endured in the powerful spirit strike in the Paragon. Nearly ten years after his re-awakening turning and into a 4-way Soul Mutate, Linley managed to fully remedy the Coiling Dragon Ring

Linley chased following the last talisman which was hdden in the Okerlund Plane after having gathered two out of three Overgod talismans necessary for the Overgod assignment. Finally, he managed to push the Red Caltrop Diamond With this, he summoned the Overgod of Life and finished the Overgod assignment to be handed over by Clementine, getting the Life Overgod Sword, a Overgod Artifact

After this, Beirut and Bluefire let bebe and Linley towards the Necropolis of the Gods in the South Sea. Beirut uncovered the secret supporting the Necropolis of the Gods once they entered directly into the 18th floor. Later, Linley was given an Earth design Sovereign Spark and a Water by Beirut. Because the formation of the universe, Linley hd become the primary fusion Sovereign after fusing together
Linley subsequently spent in creating the first ever 5000 years fusion-Sovereign Divine Plane.

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Chapter 170 69,993 Feb-11-19
Chapter 169 47,076 Feb-10-19
Chapter 168 60,469 Jan-17-19
Chapter 167 47,524 Jan-16-19
Chapter 166 57,542 Dec-30-18
Chapter 165 62,566 Dec-15-18
Chapter 164 100,837 Nov-26-18
Chapter 163 65,895 Nov-13-18
Chapter 162 62,357 Nov-02-18
Chapter 160 57,089 Oct-20-18
Chapter 159 56,183 Oct-14-18
Chapter 158 58,515 Oct-05-18
Chapter 157 55,281 Sep-27-18
Chapter 156 54,470 Sep-21-18
Chapter 155 57,318 Sep-20-18
Chapter 154 61,095 Sep-07-18
Chapter 152 58,316 Aug-23-18
Chapter 150 59,937 Aug-09-18
Chapter 147 70,396 Jul-22-18
Chapter 146 67,994 Jul-21-18
Chapter 144 45,962 Jun-29-18
Chapter 143 43,996 Jun-29-18
Chapter 142 40,727 Jun-29-18
Chapter 141 39,542 Jun-29-18
Chapter 140 40,331 Jun-29-18
Chapter 139 37,330 Jun-29-18
Chapter 138 38,272 Jun-29-18
Chapter 137 39,914 Jun-29-18
Chapter 136 79,410 Mar-31-18
Chapter 135 85,359 Mar-23-18
Chapter 134 71,852 Mar-17-18
Chapter 133 82,018 Mar-05-18
Chapter 132 93,840 Feb-02-18
Chapter 131 83,331 Jan-30-18
Chapter 130 91,542 Dec-26-17
Chapter 129 62,164 Dec-26-17
Chapter 128 74,214 Dec-14-17
Chapter 127 67,840 Dec-14-17
Chapter 126 71,732 Nov-16-17
Chapter 125 98,317 Oct-30-17
Chapter 124 105,813 Aug-10-17
Chapter 123 86,069 Jul-26-17
Chapter 122 78,436 Jul-24-17
Chapter 121 93,694 Jun-15-17
Chapter 120 80,201 Jun-11-17
Chapter 119 73,319 Jun-07-17
Chapter 118 75,377 Jun-01-17
Chapter 117 74,251 May-31-17
Chapter 116 81,442 May-14-17
Chapter 115 76,512 Apr-27-17
Chapter 114 73,177 Apr-22-17
Chapter 113 73,140 Apr-20-17
Chapter 112 74,608 Apr-18-17
Chapter 109 : Depressed 68,491 Sep-22-16
Chapter 108 : Farewell 66,997 Aug-08-16
Chapter 107 : Wounded 65,155 Aug-08-16
Chapter 104 65,154 Jul-16-16
Chapter 103 : Clayde Appears 66,275 Jul-16-16
Chapter 101 : Foundry 66,624 Jul-12-16
Chapter 99 : Adamantine Ore 65,037 Jun-21-16
Chapter 98 : Night Attack 64,718 Jun-20-16
Chapter 97 64,556 Jun-13-16
Chapter 96 66,114 Jun-09-16
Chapter 95 66,967 Jun-09-16
Chapter 93 : Obstacles 65,026 May-26-16
Chapter 92 : Clayde's Ring 65,622 Apr-26-16
Chapter 90 : Kalan's Death 68,803 Apr-08-16
Chapter 89 : Escape 67,573 Mar-30-16
Chapter 86 64,228 Mar-11-16
Chapter 85 64,044 Mar-11-16
Chapter 84 : Fen Lai Palace 64,273 Mar-10-16
Chapter 83 63,976 Mar-04-16
Chapter 82 : Linley Captured 63,571 Mar-03-16
Chapter 80 63,070 Feb-24-16
Chapter 79 : Confrontation 63,827 Feb-17-16
Chapter 78 : Faking Illness 65,311 Feb-13-16
Chapter 76 66,462 Feb-05-16
Chapter 75 66,733 Feb-02-16
Chapter 74 67,525 Jan-30-16
Chapter 73 69,109 Jan-25-16
Chapter 71 70,624 Jan-20-16
Chapter 70 69,148 Jan-20-16
Chapter 68 68,678 Jan-20-16
Chapter 66 V2 64,282 Jan-20-16
Chapter 66 69,362 Jan-20-16
Chapter 65 V2 : Assassinate 65,666 Jan-20-16
Chapter 65 : Assassinate 70,320 Jan-20-16
Chapter 64 V2 : Magic Tomes 67,250 Jan-20-16
Chapter 64 : Magic Tomes 71,753 Jan-20-16
Chapter 62 : Dlia's Visit 72,757 Jan-20-16
Chapter 61 : Father Hogg 72,550 Jan-20-16
Chapter 59 72,105 Jan-20-16
Chapter 58 72,489 Jan-20-16
Chapter 57 71,753 Jan-20-16
Chapter 56 71,588 Jan-20-16
Chapter 55 72,609 Jan-20-16
Chapter 54 70,976 Jan-20-16
Chapter 53 72,335 Jan-20-16
Chapter 52 72,880 Jan-20-16
Chapter 51 70,496 Jan-20-16
Chapter 50 71,136 Jan-20-16
Chapter 49 70,573 Jan-20-16
Chapter 48 71,136 Jan-20-16
Chapter 47 69,827 Jan-20-16
Chapter 46 70,563 Jan-20-16
Chapter 44 68,082 Jan-20-16
Chapter 43 68,533 Jan-20-16
Chapter 42 68,425 Jan-20-16
Chapter 41 : Dixie's Power 68,399 Jan-20-16
Chapter 40 : Betrayed Again 67,640 Jan-20-16
Chapter 39 : Counter Attack 66,705 Jan-20-16
Chapter 38 : Evil Plot 65,401 Jan-20-16
Chapter 37 65,163 Jan-20-16
Chapter 36 66,078 Jan-20-16
Chapter 35 66,504 Jan-20-16
Chapter 34 66,765 Jan-20-16
Chapter 33 : A New Journey 68,487 Jan-20-16
Chapter 30 : Match Outcome 68,218 Jan-20-16
Chapter 25 : Linley's Rage! 67,679 Jan-20-16
Chapter 20 : A Dispute 67,806 Jan-20-16
Chapter 19 : Class Teaching 69,299 Jan-20-16
Chapter 18 : New Life 69,259 Jan-20-16
Chapter 17 : A New Friend 70,763 Jan-20-16
Chapter 15 : The Contract 68,428 Jan-20-16
Chapter 13 68,542 Jan-20-16
Chapter 12 69,912 Jan-20-16
Chapter 11 70,238 Jan-20-16
Chapter 10 70,852 Jan-20-16
Chapter 9 : Endless Danger 70,708 Jan-20-16
Chapter 7 80,841 Jan-20-16
Chapter 6 73,620 Jan-20-16
Chapter 5 76,322 Jan-20-16
Chapter 4 77,808 Jan-20-16
Chapter 3 82,610 Jan-20-16
Chapter 2 94,956 Jan-20-16
Chapter 1 152,928 Jan-20-16
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