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Inso's Law manga summary:

“I just want to live a normal life, why is this happening to me!” Your average student Ham Dan, whose hobby was reading “Law of Insomnia” wakes up to a beautiful novel like heroine. But even in the world of fantasy novels, her role is no different. Stuck as the childhood friend of the heroine, her normal everyday life comes to an end, becoming more twisted by her strong character.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 26: Inso's Law Ch.26 20,740 Nov-08-19
Chapter 25: Inso's Law Ch.25 15,720 Nov-08-19
Chapter 24: Inso's Law Ch.24 37,434 Oct-23-19
Chapter 23: Inso's Law Ch.23 21,987 Oct-23-19
Chapter 22: Inso's Law Ch.22 20,971 Oct-23-19
Chapter 21: Inso's Law Ch.21 46,482 Oct-05-19
Chapter 20: Inso's Law Ch.20 30,055 Oct-05-19
Chapter 19: Inso's Law Ch.19 48,343 Sep-22-19
Chapter 18: Inso's Law Ch.18 42,117 Sep-13-19
Chapter 17: Inso's Law Ch.17 42,014 Sep-05-19
Chapter 16: Inso's Law Ch.16 41,841 Aug-28-19
Chapter 15: Inso's Law Ch.15 36,085 Aug-28-19
Chapter 14: Inso's Law Ch.14 46,680 Aug-12-19
Chapter 13: Inso's Law Ch.13 36,529 Aug-12-19
Chapter 12: Inso's Law Ch.12 37,422 Aug-12-19
Chapter 11: Inso's Law Ch.11 40,692 Aug-05-19
Chapter 10: Inso's Law Ch.10 35,272 Aug-05-19
Chapter 9: Inso's Law Ch.9 33,365 Aug-05-19
Chapter 8: Inso's Law Ch.8 35,234 Aug-05-19
Chapter 7: Inso's Law Ch.7 33,750 Aug-05-19
Chapter 6: Inso's Law Ch.6 34,531 Aug-05-19
Chapter 5: Inso's Law Ch.5 33,602 Aug-05-19
Chapter 4 42,366 Jun-21-19
Chapter 3 43,241 Jun-12-19
Chapter 2 40,259 Jun-12-19
Chapter 1 46,929 Jun-12-19
Chapter 0 43,847 Jun-12-19
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