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His Feelings manga summary:

“I don’t want to fall in love with anyone.” That’s what Wataru told himself, not expecting his encounter with Satago, a tall, blond and thug-looking guy, who speaks his mind a little too bluntly and seems particularly interested in his schoolmate’s lack of expressiveness.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.1 Chapter 4.5 3,909 Mar-08-19
Vol.1 Chapter 4.4 3,971 Mar-05-19
Vol.1 Chapter 4.3 3,084 Mar-05-19
Vol.1 Chapter 4.3.1 3,033 Mar-05-19
Vol.1 Chapter 4.2 4,904 Mar-01-19
Vol.1 Chapter 4.1 4,196 Mar-01-19
Vol.1 Chapter 4 6,656 Feb-27-19
Vol.1 Chapter 3 7,378 Feb-25-19
Vol.1 Chapter 2 8,978 Feb-23-19
Chapter : Chapter 1 18,198 Feb-22-19
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