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Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru (fan-colored) CHAPTER LIST

Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru (fan-colored) manga summary:

Ayumu wants to beat his Senpai at Shogi so he can confess his feelings.
Though the day of his victory is still nowhere to be seen,
this is the story in which he may ‘checkmate’ her by other means.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 20: The 20th Move 6,314 Aug-15-19
Chapter 19: The 19th Move 5,246 Aug-08-19
Chapter 18: The 18th Move 4,980 Aug-01-19
Chapter 17: The 17th Move 6,497 Jul-24-19
Chapter 16: The 16th Move 8,424 Jul-14-19
Chapter 15: The 15th Move 8,848 Jul-10-19
Chapter 14: (Fan Colored) 8,199 Jun-28-19
Chapter 12: The 12th Move 10,050 Jun-27-19
Chapter 11: The 11th Move 10,110 Jun-20-19
Chapter 10: The 10th Move 10,174 Jun-17-19
Chapter 9: The 9th Move 10,802 Jun-15-19
Chapter 8: The 8th Move 10,952 Jun-14-19
Chapter 7: The 7th Move 12,571 Jun-13-19
Chapter 6: The 6th Move 13,266 Jun-12-19
Chapter 5: The 5th Move 13,430 Jun-12-19
Chapter 4: The 4th Move 13,728 Jun-11-19
Chapter 3: The 3rd Move 11,708 Jun-11-19
Chapter 2: The 2nd Move 12,258 Jun-11-19
Chapter 1: The 1st Move 13,916 Jun-11-19
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