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The Master of Flowers in the city CHAPTER LIST

The Master of Flowers in the city manga summary:

The "Flower Master in the City" comics is a large-scale network of serial comics based on the classic eponymous representative of the famous online novelist "Heart is wandering". The story tells the story of a man who just turned 19 years old. Suddenly, he appeared on a strange road and escaped from a truck almost killed him. He discovered a luxury car to take to Jianghai City whilst not remembering anything except the name Qiao Xiaoqiao
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 3: Hooligans 27,218 Feb-07-19
Chapter 2: Tyre Repair 22,596 Feb-07-19
Chapter 1: The Nightmare 24,571 Feb-07-19
Chapter : Prologue 17,541 Feb-07-19
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